Grant Hunter

Grant Hunter


Why are junior creatives such pussies?


In 2015 we (Ed and I) took to the stage at SpikesĀ Asia to debate the below:

Are the latest generation just born with a sense of entitlement and a LIGAF attitude?

Or do the younger guns know the truth and see “adland” for what it really is?

Or do they (and we) need a cold, hard dose of reality?

Maybe it’s because as an industry we have to accept that we’re now competing against sectors and industries that are much sexier than our own?

Are we to blame as we’ve become obsessed with winning awards for our own inflated egos?

Are we more concerned with juniors cutting our award videos rather than creativity that really solves problem?

So should agencies go fish in a bigger pond to catch minds with more diverse backgrounds and povs?

Do we need more maker thinkers and thinker doers ?

Should we take a leaf out of the football world’s book and take the long view by investing in youth development?

And shouldn’t we all be creating nurturing environments that truly realise the potential of creativity in the next gen?